There's Still Some Summer Left Reading List 29 augustus 2013

ELIA's recommended reading for savouring the rest of the season...

Image Credit: Still from Norman by Robbe Vervaeke Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE Retrospective: Part 5 - Robbe Vervaeke, Film Maker 16 augustus 2013

'I'm kind of having my 15 minutes of fame.
 I'm actually looking forward to all that being over...

When this interview was conducted via skype on 18 June, 2013 Belgian Film Maker Robbe Vervaeke had just snatched the prize for the Best Debut Film at The Annecy International Film Festival, amongst the most prestigious events in the animation field. Norman, his winning short, is his first professional work since his graduation from film academy, making this achievement all the more impressive.

Not surprisingly, in the interim Vervaeke and Norman have gained even more heat. With upcoming screenings at another of the world's great festivals, The Montréal World Film Festival, as well as at a 'big American festival' that he is not at liberty to disclose details about at this time, Vervaeke's star is rising - but all he's hoping for is to get back to work on his signature style, oil painted animation. Don't know what that is or what it looks like? Scroll below to watch the full version of Erszebet, his entry in NEU NOW 2009, and a trailer for Norman. Read more »

NEU NOW LIVE Retrospective: Part 4 - Bogdan Gîrbovan, Photographer 05 augustus 2013

'For the first two weeks I stay in a new place I can't take any photos at all... '

Bogdan Gîrbovan is not interested in photographing sensational things. In his work, documentary photography that focuses largely on domesticity - how humans arrange and live in spaces, whether it be a communist era housing block in Bucharest or a small village in the Romanian countryside -  he is always looking for images that express a deeper understanding of a place.

The NEU NOW team dispatched Adina Ochea, resident NEU NOW documentarian, to catch up with Bogdan and talk about old - and new - times. 

This interview was conducted in Romanian via skype on the June 19, 2013 and translated by Adina Ochea.  Read more »

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